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The Cedar Hill Academy of Visual and Vocal Arts


CHAVA stands for Cedar Hill Academy of Vocal and Visual Arts and is the Hebrew word for life. Therefore, CHAVA = Life!

The Vocal branch of CHAVA includes the study and exploration of all aspects of the voice for artistic expression: singing, acting, and spoken word. Additional opportunities are available for an emphasis in composition, education, playwriting, directing, set design, technical theater, or theater production. Other branches include Dance and Fine Art.

CHAVA offers a coordinated four-year curriculum designed with the goal of creating, developing, and encouraging critical thinking, high academic standards, and creative problem solving through participation in quality Arts-centered education.  

CHAVA students will be fully prepared for success in any post-secondary avenue or major that they choose and qualified to apply for admission to the college of their choosing.

CHAVA faculty will work closely with students throughout their time in the program, providing college admission advice and facilitating audition and scholarship opportunities through industry professionals and universities.

CHAVA is an integrated academy that works within Cedar Hill High School and Ninth Grade Center campuses and facilities, raising the spirit and energy for the entire district.

Did You Know?

Cedar Hill ISD launched its Elementary Honor Choir in 2023.