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The Visual Arts team in Cedar Hill ISD views every student as an emerging artist. Art is important to the development of the whole child.  Our young artists develop abilities and habits of mind that complement their learning across the curriculum. We strive to encourage the artist in every child to help children to see, to understand and to appreciate the importance of creativity in our civilization.  They communicate ideas, using all available tools, analyze and respond to others' creative efforts as well as create, revise and reflect on their work to solve aesthetic problems while learning patience and resilience.

The Elementary Art program provides the foundation for each art scholar in CHISD. Each student is introduced to art history and culture which enables the student to develop and organize ideas. The students are also exposed to the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, which are the tools of a successful art program.

The Middle School Art program builds upon the elementary foundation by expanding each scholar’s knowledge, skills, expressive qualities and creativity. The intermediate level also introduces the scholars to direct observation drawing, expressive painting, multi-media works, and fiber artwork, providing a broad range of unifying activities. Scholars increasingly rely on the perceptions of their environment and increase the visual awareness of their surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences which provide inspiration for creating original artworks. 

The High School Art program provides a variety of opportunities for the developing art scholar, imbuing them with a lifetime appreciation of art and preparing them for university study or careers in an art-related field. Course offerings include: Art, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture, and AP Portfolio coursework. The High School program offers a multitude of tools, resources, materials and experience necessary to compete, display and appreciate art. 

Did You Know?

In 2022, CHISD had 6 VASE Regional Medalists